ONGC Systems provides businesses with comprehensive IT services that can increase network security and stability while lowering the cost of system maintenance and administration.


These services enable our clients to outsource critical information technology functions and simplify the management of their IT infrastructure. Its implementation enables small and medium-sized organisations to stop spending all of their internal IT staff’s time on maintenance and troubleshooting and instead have them focus on more strategic projects. The provision of comprehensive management and security services can reduce the administrative overhead for your business while providing an up-to-date, stable, secure infrastructure to run your day-to-day operations.

ONGC Systems provides businesses with trustworthy services to support their critical IT systems. Our managed services, security and associated support offerings allows your business to expand its ability to address your customers needs and fill a gap left by traditional consulting companies.

We can provide regular user support to help your staff and management. Scheduled regular visits by the same engineers (we use a pair of engineers to make sure that knowledge about your system isn’t locked into a single person) provide certainty and predictability for your users. A senior team member will work with you to help plan your ongoing systems and seek ways to improve your productivity through using your existing investment as wisely as possible.

We pride ourselves on having developed a strong reputation for being a solid, premium systems integrator. Through our experienced staff, you have access to a wide range of core technology competencies, ensuring the knowledge to take such steps as required to optimise the operation of your computer systems and keep it running to peak performance levels.

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