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Scope Business Solutions

"Scope Business Solutions has been involved with a number of complete medical practice setups over the past 7 years and while there is a lot involved in setting up a successful practice, Technology is a large part of it. Myself and my clients have chosen to work alongside ONGC Systems for many of these setups due to their experience in the medical arena. ONGC Systems has been able to provide an I.T. solution to not only meet the needs of clients but also to provide the most up to date advice on technology and cloud-based environments. The team are highly skilled and provide constant support throughout the entire process."



"During the initial set up, of our new practice, ONGC Systems was brilliant in getting the stuff here, getting it all setup, getting it installed and dealing with my constant lists. I would call Steve 2 -3 times a day and nothing was ever a big issue for them. We are now trying to work around some pretty archaic ways of doing things to achieve what we want and ONGC Systems has been a valuable partner in helping us deliver that."

Business Development

Advanced Surgical & Skin Cancer

"We haven’t had any issues since ONGC Systems have been looking after us, which was just over a year ago. Being a basic user of technology I find It great that the team at ONGC Systems understands that not everyone is I.T. savvy. They explain the issue and fix the problem in “plan” language or is it “dumb it down” just so I can understand."

Practice Manager
Advanced Surgical

Customer Driven

"Thank you for all the effort. It was always going to be a challenge herding our team together. I believe we are on the right track and I am very satisfied with the work so far with ONGC Systems."


Jean Brown Properties

"ONGC Systems are awesome! When we have an IT issue at our office, by the time I notice and think about reporting it, their efficient team have already identified and fixed the problem! We could not be happier to have ONGC Systems as our IT specialists they are definitely ahead of the game."

Principal & Director

Ray White Surfers Paradise

"ONGC Systems have been our long term I.T. partner for over 10 years now. Throughout their tenure with the Ray White Surfers Paradise Group, they have always been able to adapt to our ever changing I.T. needs and provide a non-biased opinion to expand and support our systems in a cost-effective manner. Their team has assisted us with developing effective strategies for our future business plans and have recently implemented said strategies to employ a companywide shift to the cloud. We consider ONGC Systems as an integral partner of our group and look forward to continuing our partnership into the future."


WP Lawyers

"Being a law firm, we rely exclusively on our computers, software and Information Systems. We have quite a myriad of compliance requirements that extend throughout our whole business. One of our main compliance considerations is with our Information Systems. ONGC Systems has always had these compliance factors in mind when diagnosing and providing any solution to our firm all the way from systems implementation and project management through to ongoing servicing of our systems. We have used ONGC Systems for some 12 years and rely upon their advice. Advice which has always been excellent as has their ongoing day to day supervision, control and rectification where necessary. This area of my practice is 100% worry free thanks to ONGC Systems. We are extremely pleased with the service provided to date and are happy to provide a favourable recommendation. Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us Mr Payne."

WP Lawyers

ConDev Construction

"We have been very happy with the services that ONGC Systems have provided to us. Keeping us notified of updates on identified issues has been a great recent development which has given us peace of mind that ONGC Systems has hold of the ball and are running with it. Great work guys!!!!"

ConDev Construction

SB Partners Pty Ltd

"I’ve been partnered with ONGC Systems for over 20 years and their proactive nature to our engagement has been extremely helpful for our business.  Our account manager and dedicated technical team are regularly in contact to educate and assist in evaluating, planning and executing our technology strategies.  Our partnership provides us with the peace of mind we need to smoothly operate our business and remain relevant in the constantly evolving financial services sector."


Swell Asset Management

"Working with ONGC to implement SharePoint was a great experience. We’re all using Office 365 daily and have been able to shut down a number of different software applications that we used previously. OneNote is proving very useful for our research, and we’re Yammering lots of things we used to send via email, thereby saving time and reducing email clutter.

The whole process with the ONGC team went really well, and we were all very happy with the support you provided. SharePoint is working extremely well, enabling us to collaborate on Word and Excel files to prepare our daily updates to clients and giving us a great filing system. We’re also very grateful for your advice to add LiveTiles to SharePoint, as it gives us easy access to the web based applications we use regularly."

Administration Manager

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